Software Development Services
Turn-key solutions that solve niche business pain with the latest technological trends, serve market needs, digitalise and simplify business routine.

Remote engineering brain power which becomes a part of your business team sharing same goals and culture

UI/UX and BA
Best design practices and analytical tools to give a maintainable products that will quiclky solve real business objectives
We create responsive web applications and sites with the most robust technologies to help you boost your business

Native applications for iOS and Android operating systems using platform-specific programming languages
Solve your client's challenges and streamline your business using customer-focused approach and mobile technologies. With the proven development methodologies, together we create cutting-edge business products for any device and interface.
Mobile app development
Web app development and admin dashboards
Collect and analyze business data via digital omnipresence. Cover all possible platforms and interfaces to reach out to your clients, streamline sales and get business insights via advanced web analytics.
Think before you act. Our business analysts and design experts help to create future products and so, analyze and minimize risks before the first line of code is written.
Preparations and research is a victory.
Business analysis and UI/UX Design
Types of contracts we offer
Fixed price
Time and Materials
Dedicated Team
When 2 of 3 are known
If a deadline, budget, or list of tasks is set in stone, the fixed price project in a waterfall manner can be a good choice. Still, the documentation coverage shall be excellent to ensure full transparency of each action and decision made for the final outcome.

1000 hours project is a perfect size for such cooperation. The other case is when you need a domain typical standard solution with well-known underwater rocks.
For 1500+ hours projects
When the budget is limited, but the scope of work is supposed to change - time&materials is the fairest type of cooperation.

Moving with weekly sprints, you have a full control on what and when is done against the timelog. At the same time there is enough space to stay flexible and check various gypotesis.
Best for long-term ongoing projects
Regardless of the business size, a dedicated team of engineers can develop products from scratch, or catch up on an ongoing project. These engineers will work exclusively for you, becoming a remote extension to the business team. However, management activities can be handled by you or our team - it's all up to you.
Our representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours
Team of business analysts and project managers will help you to collect requirements and estimate
the project
We keep everything confidential, so feel free to send us your NDA
Things we do next
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