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Android apps development

Staff augmentation in Kotlin

Migration to native platform

Don't limit your vision by platform. We're Android app development experts, ready to craft your perfect solution – whether it's a cutting-edge tablet app, a comprehensive suite, a smartwatch companion, or an immersive AR experience.

Main types of Android development services

Android development
Tablet apps development
Android TV development
Smart Watch app development

Technologies in Android apps ecosystems we use in development

Android development stack
Web development stack
IoT Connectivity , Communication Protocols and Data analytics
Cloud DB, Warehouse and Storage
Android development stack
Web development stack
IoT Connectivity , Communication Protocols and Data analytics
Cloud DB, Warehouse and Storage


  • Amazon S3
  • Docker
  • ElastiCache
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • CI/DC
  • CDN
  • RabbitMQ
  • New Relic

Third-parties Integrations

  • Google API
  • FB API
  • Payment providers
  • Stripe, Paypal, Liqpay
  • Twillio
  • POS – systems
  • Custom hardware
  • Image recognition

App Ecosystem

  • KotlinMulltiPlatform
  • Android SDK
  • AndroidStudio
  • VS Code


  • Microservices
  • GraphQL
  • REST
  • Swagger

App development flow

With a multi-stage development framework where each step is essential, we ensure no detail is missed.

First contact
Discovery phase
UI/UX Design
Coding and QA
User acceptance testing


Business Analyst

UI/UX Designer

Project Manager

Tech Lead

Front-end engineer

Back-end engineer

QA engineer

DevOps engineer



Hire RedCat as Android app development company

Food discount radar

A mobile app that screens all discounts for food from food sellers to prevent food waste.

Food discount radar

Core tech: not set

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Other Services

Custom Software Development

Unique and tailored business process require special approach, when it comes to crystalizing them in a software piece.

Custom Software Development

Mobile development

RedCat developers use proven and modern technologies to create apps that reach business goals while remaining unique and easy-to-maintain.

Mobile development

Web development

A clear representation of business data and smooth interactions with customers, working with analytics regardless of the screen size or browser used.

Web development

Websites, Admin dashboards and PWA

Our Clients testimonials

Michael Kibenko

The app met the expectations of the internal team, increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers. RedCat establishes a smooth workflow through effective communication. The team is professional, hard-working, and easy to work with. For sure I would strongly recommend them

Michael Kibenko

CTO at BioNexus

Ztiki Fuchs

The company appreciates the RedCat team’s transparency and predictability level. The team is good at providing explanations for each of the decisions they propose to the company. Our partnership is 100% business-concentrated. Each thought and word is aimed at finding a wise and sagacious solution.

Ztiki Fuchs

CEO at Excedo Ventures

Tomas Ambroza

RedCat’s efforts were met with positive acclaim by internal and external stakeholders. Their work has attracted new customers and met all their clients’ expectations. Helpful and coordinated, customers can expect an efficient team that delivers quality work at a reasonable price point

Tomas Ambroza

Founder of Renthopper

Ivan Shornikov

Thanks to RedCat’s contributions, the client was able to execute a successful provider transition 500% faster than the average speed. The team showcased their diligence in all engineering projects and adapted seamlessly to the client’s internal project management. They were great to work with.

Ivan Shornikov

CEO at Raxel Telematics

Questions You may have


The timeline for Android app development can span anywhere from a few months to a year, contingent on the app’s intricacy and requirements. A straightforward app, prioritizing standard features and basic user behavior, can be developed in a mere 3-4 months turn-key, with the UI/UX designs and testing phase included. In contrast, more complex applications, especially those demanding Blockchain integrations or AI capabilities, may necessitate 6-8 months of development.

At RedCat, our process is structured yet flexible. For instance, with our project Hyfit, we began with a thorough Discovery phase, delineated the customer journey map, and concluded development in 5 months. The app was subsequently released on the PlayMarket, followed by minor improvements based on user feedback. This iterative approach ensures that our apps not only meet but often exceed client expectations.


The cost of developing an Android app can vary significantly based on its complexity and the features integrated. A basic app with standard features and a clear user journey map might start at $30,000. However, apps requiring more sophisticated technologies, such as Blockchain or advanced AI integrations, can range upwards of $80,000. Costs can also escalate with extensive localization, infrastructure costs, and integration with 3d parties.

As a point of reference, our Android project Ubicar was built from scratch, encompassing both unique business model and standard features, and was priced at $90,000. The app also benefited from our startup mindset, undergoing lean development, timely delivery, and a post-launch support phase. Our transparent pricing model, coupled with our emphasis on delivering value, ensures our clients receive the best ROI on their investments.


For Android app development, RedCat utilizes a suite of cutting-edge tools and technologies. Our team primarily uses React Native and Kotlin for coding, combined with Android Studio for its robust development environment. We incorporate AI and Blockchain functionalities where needed, ensuring apps are at the forefront of innovation. Integration with third-party tools, analytics, and user data handling is also streamlined.

Regarding the infrastructural part we prefer a combination of AWS, Docker and Appolo Tools, such as GraphQL and others.

In addition, we emphasize the importance of security, regularly conducting penetration testing and security audits on our applications. For instance, our recent project Hyfit involved intricate Big Data features and was developed using Kotlin in the part of integration with IoT training equipment prototypes. The app also underwent rigorous testing phases, ensuring its smooth launch on the PlayMarket. Our commitment to technology and security ensures we deliver top-tier Android applications to our client.


Yes. Watches, terminals, cameras, all that.


Approach#1 – Intuitive: Well, imagine what product would you like to have in 3 years. If your product at that stage assumes that you have a native Android app – then why not to move with Kotlin from the beginning?
Approach#2 – Tech limitations: there are certain things that Kotlin does better than cross-platform solutions or low-code platforms, e.g., when you need to work directly with OS and hardware. Remember that it’s possible to combine React Native and Kotlin in one codebase and use Kotlin only for some hardware integrations. But despite the lower price of this strategy, it is harder to maintain this code in the future.