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Marketplace apps assume 3 main roles: platform host, multiple sellers, and multiple buyers. E-commerce apps, respectively, suppose a platform host – the only seller and many buyers.

Marketplace app development services we provide

There are 4 main types of marketplace and E-commerce app activities where RedCat has an optimized workflow and strong portfolio in the web and mobile development areas.

Digitalizing existing businesses to a franchise level

RedCat supports companies evolving from a local startup to a scale-up, and a successful franchise by turning proven offline action plans into code scripts and online dashboards. We focus on a scalability, but still flexible and custom workflow for any offline business.

New companies with unique business models and processes

When there are no off-the-shelf options, it's the right strategy to combine standard, expected, and innovative features in one product, still staying independent and flexible to grow.

Startups who are first to introduce some service to their location

When it's time to bring a new service or product to the area, RedCat is a proven partner when it comes to combining "Name it-app" and local cultural expectations of demanding users to ensure a powerful starting point.

Existing digital products that need renovation

With a more and more demanding audience, RedCat provides such services as redesign, app performance optimization, and what's more - adding new features such as AI modules, Data normalization for Machine learning, tokenization, and many more.

Marketplace and E-commerce apps third-party integrations


Apple Pay
Google Pay







Accounting and CRM


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Marketplace app specific features

Admin panel

  • Payment mechanics management
  • Payment withdrawal process


  • KYC process
  • Items listing management
  • Marketing toolset
  • Rating system
  • Orders panel
  • Shipment management


  • Cart and Purchase history
  • Wishlists
  • Comparison of items
  • Progressing discounts
  • Shipment tracking


  • Seasonal user visits
  • Anti-fraud policies

Standard features

Admin panel

  • Roles and permission matrix
  • User, Category and Item CRUDs
  • Payment API integration
  • Payment logs and management
  • Analytics
  • Static content management.


  • Categories of items/services
  • Statistics
  • Payment withdrawal
  • Marketing tools
  • Notifications and Discounts.


  • Profile info
  • Search
  • Settings
  • Chat
  • Items display,
  • Feedback form
  • Notifications.


  • Moderation
  • Legal matters
  • Data Collection and Storage
  • Feed
  • Onboarding
  • Localisation.

While designing the business flow, key things to consider are how to quickly get the first users, and find a reliable self-balanced technology stack to meet the demand.

Marketplace model matrix

By payment model

  • Fixed
  • Negotiable price
  • Packaged price
  • Time tracker
  • Tips
  • Subscription
  • Advertisement
  • Fee for listing
  • Fee for bidding

By booking and delivery flow

  • On-demand service delivery
  • Booking of service
  • Standard goods shipment
  • Virtual delivery
  • Offline delivery
  • Offer placed by customer
  • Offer placed by seller

By object of sale

  • Services
  • Goods
  • Digital assets (NFT, digital art)
  • Access

By actors

  • P2P
  • B2B
  • B2P
  • Social Media Marketplace

How can RedCat build it?

From Scratch

When the business model is clear, and business goals and limitations are defined RedCat team visualizes and implements it within a specific technology set.


If there is a need to upgrade or change product technologies we can assist with Data Migration, Reverse Engineering, or partial reuse of the existing code after a Technical Audit.


For existing products we offer dedicated engineers who work exclusively and under Client's management.

Our Clients testimonials

Michael Kibenko

The app met the expectations of the internal team, increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers. RedCat establishes a smooth workflow through effective communication. The team is professional, hard-working, and easy to work with. For sure I would strongly recommend them

Michael Kibenko

CTO at BioNexus

Ztiki Fuchs

The company appreciates the RedCat team’s transparency and predictability level. The team is good at providing explanations for each of the decisions they propose to the company. Our partnership is 100% business-concentrated. Each thought and word is aimed at finding a wise and sagacious solution.

Ztiki Fuchs

CEO at Excedo Ventures

Tomas Ambroza

RedCat’s efforts were met with positive acclaim by internal and external stakeholders. Their work has attracted new customers and met all their clients’ expectations. Helpful and coordinated, customers can expect an efficient team that delivers quality work at a reasonable price point

Tomas Ambroza

Founder of Renthopper

Ivan Shornikov

Thanks to RedCat’s contributions, the client was able to execute a successful provider transition 500% faster than the average speed. The team showcased their diligence in all engineering projects and adapted seamlessly to the client’s internal project management. They were great to work with.

Ivan Shornikov

CEO at Raxel Telematics

Hire RedCat as marketplace app development company

Food discount radar

A mobile app that screens all discounts for food from food sellers to prevent food waste.

Food discount radar

Core tech: not set

Technology stack

We use a specific list of technologies to deliver solutions which are up-to-date.
Mobile development stack
Native and cross-platform solutions
Web development stack
For web presence and admin dashboards
Mobile development stack
Web development stack

The right person to talk to

Alexandra Kazemir-Yampolska

Alexandra Kazemir-Yampolska

Get in touch

Match business model and tech stack

Get a preliminary estimate

Discovery phase wich specifies the scope

Choose development methodology

Continuous delivery and project demos

User acceptance testing

Market release

Questions You may have


Startup founders trust RedCat due to our startup mindset and expertise in lean development. But most of our new engagements happen through recommendations, so let’s assume it’s a combination of our Client’s expeirence with us, and overall reputation.

To be particular with marketplaces, we have strong expretise with security in this domain. And we hardrly cam imagine a product team thinking of increasing their revenue knowing the marketplace app is not architectured in a propper, secure manner, or without a responsible tech team nereby on any occasion.

We not only focus on delivering the product but also assist in competitor research, ensuring GDPR compliance, and guiding through the monetization strategies and other risks on a way. Furthermore, our Ukraine-based team brings cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.


Marketplace app development costs are influenced by the type of marketplace – whether it’s B2B, B2C, or C2C, or else, the standard and unique features, and the underlying technology. A basic marketplace mobile application with standard features developed by a team of 2 developers can start from $30,000 – $50,000. However, incorporating unique business models, advanced analytics, and 3rd party integrations can affect the final cost. We always recommend an initial Discovery phase to determine the exact scope of work.

Among other factors that affect costs are integrations with Crypto, delivery module, number of roles, complexity of tracking analytics, costs of backup infrastracture and system behavior during peak times. In case with real (not digital) assets to be sold, the costs of simply existing of such systems grow exponentially.

Also, for mobile marketplaces, you will need to choose carefully amonth maky possible payment getaway providers, and further, accurately provide AppStore and PlayMarket with the information they require about how you monetize, advertize, and what data you collect. Luckily, here yyou can rely on our experience and assistance.


Short answer: Please visit this page, there are some nice visuals explaining everything on this topic.

Long answer: marketplace app development involves creating digital platforms where multiple vendors can offer their products or services to buyers. It requires a robust backend infrastructure to handle user data securely, efficient search algorithms, and intuitive user interfaces.

What else?

– Marketplace can be a mobile app, or a web, or both
– It extremely depends on seasonal events
– AI and ML are a perfect match for these platforms if you go big
– Be ready to reinvest in SEO and Marketing team up to 25% of all your revenue
– assets on a marketplace can be digital or physical, the last ones immediately assume delivery logic massive integrations with delivery providers, stock control, etc.
– You will be a primary goal of hackers, so DO invest in proper architecture, best practices, and security policies to be executed right from the Discovery phase.


The duration to develop a marketplace app is contingent on its complexity, features, and the number of platforms it’s being developed for. A basic marketplace might take 3-4 months, while a comprehensive one with advanced features, AI integrations, and multi-platform support can extend to 8-12 months.

Our process involves a Discovery phase and UI/UX design creation (1-3 months), prioritization of features, and iterative development to test hypotheses and ensure the product aligns with market needs.


With pleasure. Also, you probably want to add some other features to the app or take a chance to make slight design changes. We are all ears.


Good that you have clarity with X, Y and T. For W let’s have a call, and if you can share some references for W before the call – much appreciated.

What it will take? At a minimum, it will take our minimum check of 30k, and at a maximum – all budget you are ready to allocate for development. Because most probably you will need more than one interface and one role.

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