In-city Logistics App Development.

Maps and tracking integrations

Turn-key solution development

Product discovery, MVP and POC

In-city logistics industry apps are a whole variety of different mechanics applied to the Logistics industry. Within the same category in app stores, the apps themselves can be extremely different.

Digital ecosystem of in-city logistics businesses

RedCat creates mobile apps and platforms across a variety of vehicle-related businesses by leveraging all possible business models and revenue sources.

Taxi and sober driver apps

Taxi and Sober driver Apps

Killer feature: demand forecast and route optimization, automation

Unfair advantage:

Challenge: competition and high UX expectation

Parking apps

Parking apps

Killer app feature: real-time updates and smart suggestions

Unfair advantage:
easy to franchise and fundraise from government

Challenge: hard to integrate into city infrastructure

Public transport

Public transport

Killer app feature: real-time and historical data of public transport

Unfair advantage:
dataset volume for future ML, governmental support

Challenge: extremely hard to implement

Courier and last mile delivery

courier and Last-mile delivery

Killer app feature: real-time package status and ETA

Unfair advantage:
easy business logic, easy to white-label, low resources for a start

Challenge: offline costs and human factor

Food delivery

Food delivery

Killer app feature: personalized suggestions and demand forecasts

Unfair advantage:
scalability, easy to white-label

Challenge: long-term ROI and offline costs

Car rental and sharing

Car Sharing and car rental Apps

Killer app feature: real-time demand track and price control, fast KYC

Unfair advantage:
network effect

seasonal fluctuations
Freight delivery

Freight delivery

Killer app feature: Scheduled service with many upsells and clear costs

Unfair advantage:
omnipresence and market size

Challenge: number of edge cases and insurance cases

City seightseeing

City Seightseeing

Killer app feature: automated flow of scheduling and predictable sales volumes

Unfair advantage:
flexible upfront check

Challenge: seasonal fluctuations and human factor

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Transportation app development services we provide

There are 4 main types of in city transportation app activities where RedCat has an optimized workflow and strong portfolio in the web and mobile development areas.

Digitalizing existing businesses to a franchise level

RedCat supports companies evolving from a local startup to a scale-up, and a successful franchise by turning proven offline action plans into code scripts and online dashboards. We focus on a scalability, but still flexible and custom workflow for any offline business.

New companies with unique business models and processes

When there are no off-the-shelf options, it's the right strategy to combine standard, expected, and innovative features in one product, still staying independent and flexible to grow.

Startups who are first to introduce some service to their location

When it's time to bring a new service or product to the area, RedCat is a proven partner when it comes to combining "Name it-app" and local cultural expectations of demanding users to ensure a powerful starting point.

Existing digital products that need renovation

With a more and more demanding audience, RedCat provides such services as redesign, app performance optimization, and what's more - adding new features such as AI modules, Data normalization for Machine learning, tokenization, and many more.

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Typical features on in city logistics apps

User Interface

  • Shipment tracking
  • Easy payments
  • Chat and notifications
  • ETA
  • Rating System and Support
  • Promotion and discounts
  • Scheduling
  • History and profile management

Admin interface

  • Fare and Pricing control
  • Load forecasts
  • Scheduling
  • Geofencing
  • Disputes
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Supply chain management
  • Compliance management

Driver or Courier interface

  • Earnings and withdrawals
  • Shift management
  • Live tracking and notifications
  • Instant chats and calls
  • Proof-of-Delivery system
  • Optimal route building
  • Fleet maintenance alerts
  • Logging for insurance cases

Logistics and Delivery apps third-party integrations


Apple Pay
Google Pay







Accounting and CRM


While designing the business flow, key things to consider are how to quickly get the first users, and find a reliable self-balanced technology stack to meet the demand.

Our Clients testimonials

Michael Kibenko

The app met the expectations of the internal team, increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers. RedCat establishes a smooth workflow through effective communication. The team is professional, hard-working, and easy to work with. For sure I would strongly recommend them

Michael Kibenko

CTO at BioNexus

Ztiki Fuchs

The company appreciates the RedCat team’s transparency and predictability level. The team is good at providing explanations for each of the decisions they propose to the company. Our partnership is 100% business-concentrated. Each thought and word is aimed at finding a wise and sagacious solution.

Ztiki Fuchs

CEO at Excedo Ventures

Tomas Ambroza

RedCat’s efforts were met with positive acclaim by internal and external stakeholders. Their work has attracted new customers and met all their clients’ expectations. Helpful and coordinated, customers can expect an efficient team that delivers quality work at a reasonable price point

Tomas Ambroza

Founder of Renthopper

Ivan Shornikov

Thanks to RedCat’s contributions, the client was able to execute a successful provider transition 500% faster than the average speed. The team showcased their diligence in all engineering projects and adapted seamlessly to the client’s internal project management. They were great to work with.

Ivan Shornikov

CEO at Raxel Telematics

Hire RedCat as logistics app development company

Car rental service

A mobile app for renting vehicles across the Poland for personal use or business needs.

Car rental service

Core tech: React Native, Firebase, AWS

Emergency rides management app

A booking app for a smooth experience with emergency ride vehicle providers in Israel. Ambulance car-owning certified healthcare providers can host their available vehicles for disabled patients.

Emergency rides management app

Core tech: React js, React Native, Node.js, Firebase, AWS

Technology stack

We use a specific list of technologies to deliver solutions which are up-to-date.
Mobile development stack

Native and cross-platform solutions

Web development stack

For web presence and admin dashboards

Mobile development stack
Web development stack

The right person to talk to

Alexandra Kazemir-Yampolska

Alexandra Kazemir-Yampolska


Define the role, budget and timeline

Pass the requirements to our team

RedCat attracts the best talent via a custom funnel

RedCat runs prescreen and tech validation

Review the CVs of the ones who passed

Talk to the best fitting candidates

Make an offer and prepare onboarding

Questions You may have


It’s a headache, but possible. And also, it doubles the time for this integration.


Yes, and it seems you know what you plan to do with this data. If we are talking about some ML integration – there are a couple of proven solutions for that. If you plan to export or sell this data – let us know, then it’s another approach. If it’s a measurement for measurement, or you haven’t decided yet – welcome to our business analysis specialist, he will help to create a data structure and business rules in a most sagacious way.


RedCat’s mobile and web development services are tailored to scale your food delivery operations. We do love to engage with well-explored, almost boring businesses and help them to automate, scale, and franchise established business models.

Through our in-depth case studies, we’ve demonstrated successful integration of geo-location providers and CRM or supply chain software solutions, overcoming industry challenges while optimizing routes and ensuring real-time tracking. Our commitment to leveraging AI and ML technologies ensures not only operational efficiency but also places your business at the forefront of emerging in-city transportation trends.

To gain insights into the development resources your project may require, explore our detailed case studies or contact our team for a personalized consultation on how we combine food delivery app standards and technology advantages.


RedCat excels in mobility app development, demonstrated by our portfolio featuring innovative taxi and sober driver apps, which are pretty similar. Our case studies showcase projects integrating ride-sharing platform features and taxi booking capabilities.

One of the key questions here is rather how high-tech a taxi app can be nowadays? To answer this we would be happy to discuss our approach to route optimization, surge pricing and demand forecast as the most basic expected features from taxi apps. Or you want to go further – let’s talk about advanced marketing integrations, zones aka geofencing and other nice UX features for user retention and process automation.

Quick note here on how long does it take to develop a taxi app. 3 months for standard functionality, and then +1 month of a team of 3 developers, and part-time QA and BA for advanced modules.

If you’re curious about the resources required for your project, explore our detailed case studies or reach out for a consultation to understand the estimated hours, personnel, and budget involved in bringing your unique vision to life.


Certainly, RedCat extends its expertise to parking app development.  We specialize in creating parking space finder apps and geolocation applications, integrating seamlessly with existing systems through API solutions and logistics software.

Let’s discuss where you take the data, and what are the payment solutions and further money distribution flow lies beside the (let’s be honest) pretty simple user interface of parking apps. Also, Is there anything beside real-time parking slots availability and variable price model needed? e.g. penalty payments, subscription plans, smart suggestions etc.

From our experience such apps take several months to develop interface part, but API, server or cloud part takes much longer to deliver due to third-party dependency. To boost development investing in Discovery phase and proper interviewing of all stakeholders from Data provision side is crucial.

To get a detailed understanding of the development resources your project might need, delve into our comprehensive case studies or connect with us for a personalized consultation.


RedCat excels in creating cutting-edge solutions for freight and last-mile delivery services, as highlighted in our extensive case studies. Through the integration of logistics software solutions and transportation management systems, we address last-mile delivery challenges effectively.

Explore our detailed case studies for insights into successful projects, or contact us directly to discuss the estimated hours, personnel, and budget required for your specific development needs.


RedCat stands as a reliable partner for courier and parcel delivery businesses, offering mobility app development solutions designed for unmatched efficiency. Our comprehensive case studies showcase projects addressing logistics management system challenges and seamlessly integrating supply chain management systems. If you’re interested in a detailed estimate for your project, including hours, personnel, and budget, explore our in-depth case studies or reach out to our team for a personalized consultation.


Certainly, RedCat excels in developing solutions for car-sharing and car rental platforms, exemplified by our diverse case studies. Our portfolio features successful projects involving ride-sharing applications and open-source taxi booking app features. For a detailed estimate on the development of your project, including hours, personnel, and budget, explore our comprehensive case studies or connect with our team for a personalized consultation. RedCat ensures that your shared mobility platform not only stands out but is also cost-effective, emphasizing ongoing support and maintenance for long-term success in the dynamic transportation industry.

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