Unlocking Success with Staff Augmentation: A Comprehensive Guide


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Understanding Staff Augmentation

Have you ever faced the need to enforce your staff with a pro or a team of pros? This situation can happen at any moment, and it brings challenges that can disarm your HR department if you have one. In any case, the help of team augmentation specialists can be practical at that moment. The RedCat agency is there to fight this challenge and help you hire the best talents in your niche.

The Power of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation services are in demand today for multiple reasons. The first and foremost of them is the ease of the process when you outsource headhunting routines instead of trying your hand at it. Yet, that’s not the only reason to get benefits from outsourcing staff augmentation to a specialized company. Which are the others, you may ask?

  • Focusing on business processes instead of tracking down appropriate candidates. You get results and do not spend time on the process of headhunting.

  • Getting expertise from professionals in staff augmentation. It is more than simple recruiting because companies providing staff augmentation services offer multi-stage evaluations, complex hiring processes, and additional services that help businesses keep the balance between their needs and opportunities in team augmentation.

  • It is a godsend for startups and companies that have no HR departments or whose HR specialists cannot cope with the task.

  • At last, it is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get in touch with the best specialists you require. It can take a couple of months, if not more, for companies to find the candidate that fits their needs. For a firm engaged in staff augmentation, these timelines are many times shorter. Taking RedCat’s experience as an example, on average, only 13 days are required to find a candidate who will be a perfect match.

Besides, outsourced staff augmentation services by a specialized firm provide businesses with an opportunity to get specialists from a global talent pool. This is worth your consideration because you can recruit the best and most fitting pros to your team from all over the world, and you are not limited to your region or country. Often, unique specialists are ready to join a new project, but they simply do not know about it. Staff augmentation agencies fill this gap and help businesses and professionals meet each other.

The Ukrainian Advantage in Staff Augmentation

As usual, staff augmentation refers to the IT industry’s specialists. These services are highly sought-after in software development, mobile development, data science, and blockchain technology implementation. The Ukrainian market has a lot to offer in this niche.

Just a fact for your consideration: Ukraine has a pool of 30,000+ software development pros and over 20,000 non-tech specialists who can also be engaged in remote outsourcing or outstaffing work and strengthen the company’s team.

Besides the widest choice of specialists, the Ukrainian staff augmentation market also provides business owners from all over the world with a couple of indispensable benefits.

Benefits of Ukrainian staff augmentation market

What is Staff Augmentation in Its Essence?

Yet, what is staff augmentation in general? As it was said earlier, the need to strengthen the company’s staff often emerges. So, the demand for expertise, which can help businesses get in touch with the best specialists they require, is high. That is what a staff augmentation agency can provide you with. That’s not all, of course, as you can say that an average recruiter does the same. Staff augmentation is a process that consists of:

  • Preliminary interviewing of the customer and auditioning of its staff to highlight which sides require augmentation and a kind of new breath.

  • Selection of specialists who fit the first draft provided by the customer.

  • A multifactor evaluation of each candidate’s skills and experience, which includes both soft and hard skills’ evaluation, stress tests, cultural background evaluation, practical tasks, etc.

  • Tracking the efficiency of the chosen candidate over time according to the plan provided in advance.

Additionally, a good staff augmentation service provider can offer resource replacement, on-demand services, and the maintenance of special requests. Yet, we shall talk about this further.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

What makes this HR model attractive for customers? Of course, there are multiple benefits it offers to IT projects and companies. The most significant of them are as follows:

  • Cost-efficiency and scalability – that’s what makes companies apply for staff augmentation services. Time is money, and with the help of professional team augmentation specialists, you can hire the team you are interested in faster than ever. Besides, you can compare the rates of different candidates and select those whose salaries are affordable for you. The same applies to scalability. Staff augmentation can result in finding a single candidate who will be a jack-of-all-trades or a rare specialist you have sought after for a long time. Or it can help to hire a full-fledged team – the decision is up to you and your goals.

  • Access to specialized skills is also a benefit. It can be a die-hard task to look for a specialist with unique skills or several skills and experience in a certain niche, but not for staff augmentation companies. They have the biggest database and tools to look for unique specialists and motivate them to join the customer’s project.

  • Speeding up development cycles is also a bright side you may appreciate. When you get help from team augmentation specialists, you can rely on their expertise in headhunting and candidate interviewing. Thus, you get pros launching your team who can boost the whole work in progress and save you time.

Partnering with a Staff Augmentation Company: What to Consider?

So, it’s time for you to engage new forces in your team. Whom would you give that task to? Multiple agencies and firms offer services of that kind, but a wrong decision could cost you a top dollar.

Choosing the Right Staff Augmentation Partner

What should be considered when applying for truly effective staff augmentation services? There are several key considerations to take as a guide on your way.

1. Years of successful work on the market. Newcomers may also be skilled and talented, but experienced staff augmentation companies have more than just inspiration and talent. They have experience, tool sets, and networking opportunities. They have their candidates’ databases, at last.

2. Pricing and their transparency. No one loves to be tricked. So, if the company provides customers with transparent fees, terms, and quotes, it’s a good omen.

3. Meticulous interviewing of each candidate. Of course, you cannot get under each candidate’s skin after a single interview. That’s why good staff augmentation pros are more than HRs, as they are also skilled expertise evaluators, psychologists, and analysts. These features are essential to gaining success in that business.

4. Response time also matters! Customers mostly need new specialists urgently, and thus, a provider should help them lightning-fast.

5. Backup strategies and onboarding plans are also necessary, as they are often a must when working with staff augmentation.

6. Transparent tracking of the results – that’s what good staff augmentation service providers offer as a must. Customers need to measure the results, and they need to apply tools for these measurements.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services: How RedCat Helps Businesses Catch Talents

Do you want an example of streamlined staff augmentation? You are welcome to RedCat!

  • Harnessing Ukrainian tech talent – that’s what we do for you. We keep our fingers on the pulse so as not to miss the best talents in the Ukrainian pool and engage them in the projects of our customers.

  • Swift recruitment and onboarding – that’s our bright side too. It takes no more than a fortnight to match customers with the new forces they need in RedCat and that’s the lowest timeline in the market.

  • Tech validation for skill assurance. We do not rely solely on words and interviews. Each candidate we consider passes complex testing for the evaluation of their skills, competencies, perspectives, etc.

Integrating Augmented Staff into Your Team: Tips and To-Do Things

The task each staff augmentation firm carries out is more than simply hiring specialists. One of the most important parts of our work is the integration of the chosen staff into the team. That’s what we focus on in our jobs.

  • Seamless Collaboration

We guarantee seamless collaboration by applying our validation techniques, onboarding tools, and strict control over the staff.

  • Bridging Time Zone Differences

We are working worldwide, and thus, bridging time zones is our competency. Due to the engagement of Ukrainian pros, we crack the borders of time zones and provide similar efficiency of work for clients from the US, Europe, Australia, and South America.

  • Performance Metrics and Feedback

Our tool set is wide enough to guarantee the quality of work done by our specialists. We provide instant feedback for our clients. For instance, we provide daily feedback in the beginning, then we can move to weekly reports, and then once a quarter, we provide feedback. If needed, feedback options can be re-considered, and we fix them in the contract from the very start.

  • Meeting Special Requests and Requirements

In our work, we do understand that each case is unique and requires custom solutions. We provide them with our compliance with their special requests. This refers to security, i.e., we can discuss which hardware and software candidates will use or how to verify the personality of each candidate.

Cost Considerations and Pricing

The matter of pricing is decisive for most companies. That’s where staff augmentation firms win the race, simply because of their balance of speed, pricing, and expertise. Let’s consider how much you need to pay to hire true talent.

Staff Augmentation Pricing Models

As a brief example of pricing in the staff augmentation niche, we can take RedCat’s pricing model. What’s the essence?

  • According to the draft provided by the customer, the service provider calculates costs with 100% dedicated resources required for the project.

  • The pricing is fixed and indicated in the contract, as well as the pre-agreed monthly time quote.

  • One more option is available in the form of a pre-agreed flexible schedule with a minimal number of hours and additional costs envisaged by the contract, i.e., additional hours, progressive coefficients for extra tasks, etc.

  • The contract includes terms and conditions for resource replacement. For example, in RedCat, we offer one free-of-charge resource replacement per position, although the request for it is rare.

Such transparent pricing helps customers adjust their needs to our demands and reach a mutually profitable consensus.

Comparing Prices Across Countries

The main thing that can impact the pricing of staff augmentation is the location of specialists. Even within the boundaries of a single specialty, rates differ considerably. This can be seen in the example of a particular JavaScript software developer.

As you can see from the infographics, the highest rates are in the US and in Western Europe, particularly in Switzerland. Although, in other countries and regions, JS developers are no less skilled, they are eager to work for lower salaries.

Thus, it is more profitable for businesses to deal with staff augmentation services working worldwide and providing engagement of the pros from cheaper areas.

Global Price Variations

Just to prove the fact, global pricing in the IT industry varies considerably. For a similar scope of tasks and expertise in the same JavaScript, you may pay the following yearly rates:

  • $80,000+ in the US,

  • $72,000+ in Norway,

  • $52,000+ in Germany,

  • $44,000–46,000 in the UK and France,

  • $23,000+ in Ukraine,

  • $21,000+ in India,

  • $20,000+ in Kenya,

  • $14,000+ in Colombia.

Yet, it does not result in the obligatory hiring of Colombian or Indian devs. It is better to evaluate their expertise and skills in advance so as not to overpay in the future for low-quality work.

The Ukrainian Cost Advantage

There are multiple reasons to consider Ukrainian IT pros as the best solution for enforcing your team.

1. Most Ukrainian developers and IT pros, both technical and non-technical, have great education and high levels of competency.

2. 80%+ of the Ukrainian staff speak English fluently or at least at intermediate levels, which provides ease of communication and prevents delays and misunderstandings.

3. Ukrainian pros are oriented on results, not on pleasing people. They are similar to the US and Western European pros in this aspect.

4. Ukrainians created a huge IT community where countless ideas are generated and high levels of expertise are provided.

5. Salary rates in Ukraine are stable and uniquely low. That’s a unique imbalance between high-quality and low-quality.

Thus, it is profitable to apply for team augmentation services using Ukrainian resources.

What’s Included in the Resource Provider’s Fee?

The key features that form the fee for team augmentation services are as follows:

  • Recruitment and onboarding costs are the main expense items. These are fees for the complex of measures which are developed and provided for each customer personally. As usual, staff augmentation agencies go above and beyond to consider all the details and requirements and match them with a candidate’s skills and opportunities. At least in RedCat we do so.

  • Infrastructure and technical support are also on the list as the most significant pricing factors. As the provider remains in touch with clients during the whole employment period, which is no less than 6 months as usual. Its support is priceless in terms of effectiveness and results, but it also has value in terms of fees.

  • Skill validation and training help achieve flawless results. Legal agencies provide their candidates with training pieces and validate their skills to constantly improve their expertise and make it valuable in the customers’ eyes.

Making summaries, let’s consider why you should choose staff augmentation services instead of finding talents yourself and why RedCat is your #1 ally in staff augmentation.

The first and foremost reason to apply for professional help in staff augmentation is the efficiency of this solution. The expertise and headhunting skills of a specialized agency work for the client’s profit, providing them with flawless results in the selection of candidates, additional services to keep the team tip-top, and the low time required to get the professional the client needs the most.

It also results in cost-saving strategies because staff augmentation agencies cope with the task faster than casual HR departments, and this saves costs for a client.

As for selecting the best contractor to delegate staff augmentation tasks, there are multiple reasons to apply to RedCat. The agency offers three-stage interviewing of candidates, a complex approach to headhunting, regular feedback, and one free-of-charge resource replacement in case of emergent situations or some problems with selected pros.

Besides, the company works worldwide, and this opens wide horizons for businesses applying to it due to the opportunity to launch specialists for a certain budget and the proper timezone for the team. Thus, you are welcome to try these great offers in team augmentation and enjoy the seamless results of this choice.


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