Emergency rides management app.

A mobile app for emergency ride booking.




Mobile app




4 months

1300 hours

Emergency rides management app

Preconditions and Goals

Key Idea of the Product

A booking app for a smooth experience with emergency ride vehicle providers in Israel. Ambulance car-owning certified healthcare providers can host their available vehicles to simplify transportation options for disabled patients.

Goals set to RedCat

  • Create an MVP of the application based on changing requirements and designs provided by the Client.
  • Conduct a UAT and build a QA process in a way, that we can test app user location from anywhere in the world.
  • Build the app interfaces and dashboards within a very limited amount of time.

Constraints and Challenges

Pressure from the Client’s investors, missing physical devices, extremely high requirements for the device connection stability, and limited time for implementation of all interfaces.


Outcomes and Processes


For this product, we used a hybrid of Scrum and Kanban. Mobile apps with Client’s and Driver’s interfaces and backend were developed asynchronously related to the Admin dashboard. The team had weekly Retro and Planning, but mostly followed a pulling Kanban task implementation approach.


  • Established asynchronous development process allowing to coordinate far apart features implementation.
  • Created an optimized all-in-one mobile app containing driver and user flows.
  • Created a microservice architecture and back-end logic and custom routing algorithm to reduce map usage cost.
  • Implemented vast animations and visual effects to the Client and Driver interfaces.

Delivery strategy

We scheduled be-weekly demos and sent app bundles after each Scrum iteration to boost UAT. Later, after successful closed alpha testing, we helped to clone all the infrastructure on the Client’s servers to pass the intellectual property and codebase.




Emergency rides management app
Emergency rides management app

App features

Unique features

  • Custom route builder allows reducing the maintenance cost in a long run along with accurate usage of Google Maps API.
  • The app was created in a way it can easily become a white-label solution due to its architecture patterns.

Mobile app features

  • Healthcare industry-tailored vehicle search, filters, and booking, due to individual patient needs.
  • All standard taxi-app mechanics, including rating system, tracking, tips, order flow and payment flow, and integration with certified transportation providers
  • Ability to request a custom service, including coroner cars.


We successfully delivered the whole ecosystem and transferred the IP, after UAT by transportation providers. The app is now mostly operating in Israel, where it became the most known in this business niche.

Technology stack

Mobile development stack
Web development stack
Mobile development stack
Web development stack

Our Clients testimonials

Michael Kibenko

The app met the expectations of the internal team, increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers. RedCat establishes a smooth workflow through effective communication. The team is professional, hard-working, and easy to work with. For sure I would strongly recommend them

Michael Kibenko

CTO at BioNexus

Ztiki Fuchs

The company appreciates the RedCat team’s transparency and predictability level. The team is good at providing explanations for each of the decisions they propose to the company. Our partnership is 100% business-concentrated. Each thought and word is aimed at finding a wise and sagacious solution.

Ztiki Fuchs

CEO at Excedo Ventures

Tomas Ambroza

RedCat’s efforts were met with positive acclaim by internal and external stakeholders. Their work has attracted new customers and met all their clients’ expectations. Helpful and coordinated, customers can expect an efficient team that delivers quality work at a reasonable price point

Tomas Ambroza

Founder of Renthopper

Ivan Shornikov

Thanks to RedCat’s contributions, the client was able to execute a successful provider transition 500% faster than the average speed. The team showcased their diligence in all engineering projects and adapted seamlessly to the client’s internal project management. They were great to work with.

Ivan Shornikov

CEO at Raxel Telematics