6 Best Tech Conferences for Startups to Attend in 2024


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Success in virtually any endeavor often requires teamwork, or at least input from others. Tech conferences are arguably the best places for entrepreneurs to accomplish a variety of extremely important tasks with just a single ticket.

  • Wondering how to expand your network? Attend a tech conference.
  • Curious about the demand for your new feature? Visit a tech conference.
  • Looking for the most valuable information? Go to the tech conference in 2024!

This year, the RedCat team plans to tour several industry events. During our research for them, we realized the multitude of opportunities these events present for startups and decided to compile the most prominent ones in one place.

While attending online events has become as commonplace as taking a walk, we strongly recommend selecting one from the list below and planning a visit in 2024. 

Try it once, and you’ll never look back!

6 Must-Attend Tech Conferences in 2024

Whether you’re based in Europe or the USA, this list gathers all conferences where you can get as much value as possible. 

Additionally, booking a flight to another continent could provide even more opportunities!

Dublin Tech Summit 2024

May 29-30, Dublin

Startups will find the Dublin Tech Summit an invaluable opportunity for networking, gaining global media exposure, and accessing potential funding. 

The summit convenes a broad spectrum of tech leaders, investors, and media, providing an ideal platform for startups to showcase their innovations, learn from industry pioneers, and enhance their visibility within the global tech community.


June 5-6, Amsterdam

The event is highly regarded for its precision matchmaking, which connects startups with top retail and commerce leaders for one-to-one meetings, offering an excellent platform to foster business relationships and explore new ventures.

By the way, I, Alexandra Kazemir-Yampolska, CEO of RedCat, am planning to attend this event in Amsterdam. 

You can drop me a line through the contact form below if you choose this one to attend!

London Tech Week 2024 

June 10-14, London

With a London Tech Week program that includes keynote presentations, panel discussions, and workshops led by industry leaders, you can gain insights and strategies to fuel your startup’s growth and innovation.

Moreover, the event’s focus on AI, cybersecurity, sustainability, and leadership offers startups the opportunity to align with all technological advancements and be aware of everything happening in the tech.

Also, it might be a great idea to learn more about tech trends and predictions for 2024 before visiting the event, to make the networking sessions more captivating. 

The Next Web (TNW) Conference

June 20-21, Amsterdam

TNW Conference is renowned for its vibrant platform where startups can gain visibility, network extensively, and learn from influential speakers about emerging tech trends and business strategies that are reshaping industries globally. 

It’s an ideal venue for startups looking to scale, seek funding, and explore new partnerships, as the event will be buzzing with outstanding professionals and innovative projects.

IFA Berlin 

September 6-10, Berlin

IFA Berlin is one of the leading consumer electronics and home appliances trade shows globally, offering startups a platform for launching new products and networking with industry leaders to drive their growth and expansion in various markets.

This year, the trade show is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a wide array of tech displays and discussions. To understand the scale of the celebrations, they’re launching the 100Moments campaign – a highly-curated, expansive, city-wide takeover tapping into Berlin’s cutting-edge cultural landscape. Impressive, isn’t it?

GITEX Global 2024

October 14-18, Dubai

GITEX Global 2024 is recognized as one of the world’s largest technology events, taking place in Dubai, a pivotal center of global innovation. 

This event features a diverse array of advanced companies and groundbreaking technologies. It offers valuable insights and networking opportunities that can propel technological initiatives and success.

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